Friday, December 5, 2008

Living In Style

Thursday evening my Mother and I had the pleasure of attending a Cocktail Party (hold the cocktail please) in Newport Beach for the oh-so-talked-about Interior Designer, Barclay Butera. Barclay himself was there in living color to sign his publication debut "Living In Style." For many years now Barclay has been creating clean, classical interiors known for their luxury and livability. In this "visual compilation of his most iconic work," Barclay showcases five design themes: Desert, City, Mountain, Beach, and Town & Country. If you can appreciate beautiful design, I highly reccommend you add this work of art to your collection. And a special thanks to Adrienne, Kristin, and Tiffany for a fantastic evening. Great party!

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Kim said...

And thanks for the book Barclay!!! It was a pleasure to meet you! (And eat your food and walk in your showroom!)