Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet Kambria . . .

Thursday night I enjoyed a little reunion with my High School friend and college roommate Jennifer Rolph. While living in Provo she married a wonderful man, moved away to Illinois, and gave birth to this little cutie. Kambria Joy Rolph.

I've had to wait 11 long months to meet this adorable little girl and last night when I finally did she was nothing but smiles. The highlight of the night was watching Kambria learn to walk and hearing her talk for the first time. She already says words like "baby" and "what?" She is so stinking cute. It got me even more excited to be an Auntie next month!

It was so good to see you again Jen. Can't wait for my trip out to Nauvoo this spring when we can play again.


Shauna said...

Sorry, im not usually a weirdo blog stalker, but i somehow came across yours and i feel less creepy because your roommate alice, well she was my best friend growing up. And we are wearing the same belt in our most recent posts. And we have a million of the same friends. Anyway, thats all.

im not a freak. your hair is pretty.

Madsen Family said...

I am so jealous!! I should have driven down for the reunion!! I bet Kami was even cuter in real life! I only know her by pics still! I LOVE ALL 3 OF YOU!