Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Avery

This last weekend Emily finally brought me home to meet the parents. Things are getting pretty serious. Haha! Saturday evening we enjoyed a nice family dinner at their Beach House in Newport and I just died over this little one! Meet baby Avery. I love the way she's staring at my devious smile. It's as if this little Cabbage Patch look-a-like can see right through me. I can almost hear her saying "Oh honey, you're so baby hungry its ridiculous." Good thing my little nephew will be here in 5 weeks. Hurry up little buddy!


Merzy said...

3 things i love about this post:

1) a BABY!
2) that is a great color on you
3) a reminder that you get to enter the ranks of AUNTIEDOM in just a short little while!

Emily Sue said...

I love that pic!! And you look super cute in it.

Amanda said...

I love these 2 babes! That was such a fun night!