Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It sounds much worse than it really is. I promise. Tuesday morning my roommate Katie and I joined fellow wardies Seth and Adam for their version of early morning Boot Camp. For a couple of months these two have been kicking their own butts down at Strands Beach in Dana Point and this morning, Katie and I decided it was time to get our butts kicked too.

We started our work-out with a brisk jog along the sand that quickly turned into a brisk walk (we're not in that great of shape yet). The boys left us in their dust, but while they finished their 3 mile run, the girls tightened their assets with some lunges. Oh man, my butt hurts.

After our cardio we met the boys at the picnic tables where Seth led us in a series of circuits which included sit-ups, push-ups, jumping rope, strength bands, and whatever else he could think of to torture us. At the end of the work-out we made the hike back up the hill to our cars where Katie and I basically passed out. But the craziest part about it all...I loved it! I can't wait for another butt kicking tomorrow!


Jessica Reeves said...

Wow! I'm so impressed!! I wish I could work out in a beautiful spot like that!

Ryan, Karen, Owen, and Ava said...

Funny how such misery can make you feel so good. I need a good butt kicking workout myself right now. Just waiting for the motivation. If you do have to put yourself through such pain, it's nice it can happen on a beautiful beach.

Florene said...

Isn't "playing" on the beach great? Nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Well -- the mountains might take a close second for me, but the beach is by far "numero uno!"

Keep up the good work!