Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vote for the next 'DESIGNSTAR'

Orange County native Stephanie Cook is competing for a spot to be on Season 3 of HGTV's Design Star. Originally from Carslbad, California, the 27 year old graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from the prestigious Interior Designer's Institute in Newport Beach. Stephanie, now the owner of Cal Coast Designs, a successful Interior Design business, is asking for our help to make her HGTV's next Design Star. If you need some convincing, here's a little peak at her work:

Master Bedroom

Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Home Office

Master Bathroom

Fantasy Suite

I told you she's good!  So if you, like me, want Stephanie to be on the next season of Design Star, you can vote by clicking HERE or by going to  Vote once a day for Stephanie Cook!


Jessica Reeves said...

I voted! I love her work! Everything is beautiful!

I was watching "A Walk to Remember" tonight because it was on TV and it brought back so many memories! I remember when it first came out and we all went to see it and bawled through most of the movie! My crush for Shane West immediately came back! He is so cute! It was fun to reflect back on our days at Windsor Park! I miss living across the hall from you!!!

corrine said...

Wow I want that house!!!

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

I honestly could feel my body in that fantasy suite bedroom. Ohh what a dream come true. She does amazing work. This truly is a dream home!

Jennifer Rolph said...

wow she is super talented...that makes me so sad to look at my house now! ;)

Lezlie Wagner said...

voted! thanks Aubs!

Shan&Andrew said...

Wow...I kind of feel bad for the other girl...her portfolio doesn't even compare to this girls! Amazing! I hope she wins!

Brandon said...

HGTV was unable to use most of Kim's best work on their website. Go to to see more of her work!

Kim Messick said...

That's a really tacky way to get the vote for Kim Lewis Brandon!!! By the way, where did she learn to do perspective in her sketching? Really bad teacher!!!
Sorry - but my vote is for Stephanie all the way!
Kim Messick

Brandon said...

Kim, I was merely responding to the previous comment "Wow...I kind of feel bad for the other girl...her portfolio doesn't even compare to this girls! "

I'm sorry that you feel it's tacky for me to defend my wife. Clearly, I wasn't looking for your vote!


Kim Messick said...

If you weren't looking for my vote, then why are you even responding on this blog? And how did you even find it? Do you know Aubrey? Who invited you?

Heather T. said...

Kim - can I just say that I agree...not impressed with Kim Lewis' work - guess I'm not a Texas girl though. Love ya! BTW Aub's LOVE your blog - I read it all the time!! You're so fun to catch up with...even if I don't really get to talk to you. Miss you, see you this summer!
(Aunt) Heahter

Mark said...

Ha ha :-)

Florene said...

I don't want to get in on any of the above comments, just want to say I love your site, Aubrey, and I hope this girl goes all the way. She's quite a talent. And if two extremely talented designers such as yourself and your mom agree, then it certainly must be so!

Good work! G. Lori