Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shhh! Don't tell.

My lunch breaks just keep getting better and better. Today I decided to take my lunch down to the beach and enjoy the 80 degree weather. (During the summertime, this is a daily routine.) So I drove down PCH to the Balboa Peninsula and the thought popped into my head, "I wonder if that one beach house on 57th St. is still vacant (it was empty all summer long!)

The house is absolutely gorgeous. Its situated right on the sand and has this perfect patio on the back where I knew I could hike up my pants, roll up my sleeves, and take a little snooze in the sun. I spent quite a few of my summer days enjoying that house's patio...I think the neighbors either thought I knew the people that owned the place, or that I was some crazy bum who just showed up around lunch time to read a book or eat a Turkey sandwich. Either way, I really didn't care. I was enjoying myself.

Anyway, the blinds in all the windows and doors were closed and the patio furniture was pushed to the side. The Place looked deserted. So, I just casually walked onto the patio, pulled myself out a lawn chair, raised the back to a comfortable height so as to watch the waves as they crashed on the sand and "Ah, bliss!"

I only stayed long enough for a few of the neighbors to stare at the fully clothed female laying on the lounge chair of a house that was clearly not being lived in, but hey, if nobody else is gonna enjoy it, why can't I. And oh how I enjoyed it!

I really want to find out who owns the house and why there's never anyone living there. But until then, I think I'll just continue enjoying their comfortable lounge chairs and the heavenly view.


The Pingels said...

Dear Aubrey,

I found your blog through my lovely friend, Lindsey Forrest, and I'm completely in love with it. On Halloween, I moved away from Huntington Beach, and reading your blog is more than nostalgic... it feels like home. Keep up the good work!


Shan&Andrew said...

Again, my envy for sunny, warm weather comes back everytime I read your blog! What a great lunch break! I totally thought you were goign to say, "Suddenly, someone opened the back door and asked why I was on their patio!" Lol! I'm glad they didn't!

Jennifer Rolph said...

Oh you make me so jealous! I am currently cooped up in my house freezing! I thought the same as the above comment, that someone was going to come out and ask you what you were doing on their property! Enjoy the sun for me!!

Dustin said...

Its 27 degrees in Utah today. Spring can't come soon enough.

Dustin said...
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charity said...

um, why are you hogging the lounge chair? share!!

but, seriously, if you ever want a lunch buddy, call me...on a monday or friday (those are the days i'm still in newport at lunch time).

Jessica Reeves said...

How fun! I seriously love your posts! Thanks!