Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rock the Guitar Band Hero 2008

Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Best ward activity of all time! You're gonna want to get a closer look at these babies. Trust me!


Anonymous said...

Mark Schief - You Rock - But I gotta have Bunker's hot pink pants!!! And Aubrey's Hot!

Shan&Andrew said...

Rock on baby! The hair is wild, the pants are a trip, and the entire event looks like a blast!!!

Seriously, where can i get my hands on a pair of hot pink pants?!

Dustin said...

Man I need to move to LA. You guys have cool ward activities.
Cool boa Aubrey.


Heather said...

Awesome pix! Thanks for posting them!

Who knew our ward was so punk?

Jennifer Rolph said...

Josh just ordered Rock Band for his playstation 3...we heard so much about it and didn't want to be left out. ;)

Laura said...

Hey Aubs! I found your blog through Lezlie and I'm so excited! You are freakin' hilarious! Michael and I moved to Ladera Ranch, so we need to do lunch... and apparently go to Yogurtland together! :) Loves! Laura Davis (Hulse)