Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Monday night I went with a few friends to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney to see Ingrid Michaelson. And well...as you can already see, these pictures are NOT of sweet Ingrid. While the singer/songwriter did put on an entertaining show, the real glory went to this man, Greg Laswell. His lyrical genius mixed with a melancholy fever sent his tunes straight into my heart.

Most of his songs are "sad songs," as Greg likes to call them, with deep meaning and somber melodies that float easily through the ear. I'd have to say that his music has a Colplay/Ben Folds Five vibe, which I love. Greg writes, composes, sings, plays the piano, the guitar, and lulls you into a carnal state of seduction (what, he does!) Like I said, the man's a genius...and cute too!

After he played I stepped outside to grab a cd and on our way back in a few of my friends were lucky enough to meet him in the stairway before the next performer went on stage. Lucky! I hear he plays at a small venue in LA quite often. Anyone care to join us for the next show?


charity said...

me! me! pick me!

what a great show! both were so personable and entertaining. I loved the way they interacted with the crowd and I loved Greg's quirky smile. Totally won me over and over and over.

anytime you want to head up to the hotel cafe, i'm in.

shan & andrew said...

Oooh I'd be tempted to make a special Cali trip to see him! Oh, and to see you too of course! :)

g. lock said...

i love discovering new musicians! this guy seems talented. can he be found on itunes?

Amanda said...

Emily and I didn't show up until after he was done playing and we didn't meet up with all the girls until after you had left. What rotten luck. :[

April said...

Oh for sure... Anytime. I will go!

Melly Mel said...
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