Saturday, October 10, 2009

:: Über-Chic for Cheap ::

I was shocked when I walked into Forevee 21 and walked out with this gem. Isn't it lovely? And the best part...the $32 price tag! I guarantee this cardigan would sell for BUCKS at Anthro. Apparently Forever 21 carries a chic clothing line called Twelve By Twelve. Why has nobody told me about this? The fashion-forward line got its start back in June of 2007 in Los Angeles California, targeting 30-something women.

Here's what Betsy Zanjani, vice president of merchandising for the project, said about the line, “Forever 21 is fast fashion, it’s quick-turn, young and fun, whereas Twelve by Twelve is a grouping of items designed to go together, to be worn together. It will be a little bit more sophisticated, much more luxury.”

I'm no fashionista, but I know a good find when I see it. And when I see chic AND cheap, I simply cannot say no. Happy shopping!


Meredith said...

Aubs. I'm wearing it RIGHT NOW. After you told me about it at brando's party I made haste and picked me up one. I haven't been in forever 21 for a long time but they have gotten their act together! Love it.

Kim said...

I think it looks way better on you than on that ad! Cute!