Saturday, July 18, 2009

{ Summer Corn Roast }

I. LOVE. CORN. And this Saturday I participated in the 1st Annual San Clemente 5th Ward Summer Corn Roast at T-Street Beach. Because I'd never been to one before, I had no idea how it worked. So for those of you who were like me and have no idea how it works, here's a little Corn Roast 101:

STEP 1: Fill a giant tin trash can full of ocean water and ears of corn.
STEP 2: Place giant trash can on bonfire. Cover with lid and boil.
STEP 3: Remove corn from water, drain, and peel back husk.
STEP 4: Dip corn cob in huge tin of melted butter.


Brooke W said...

yummy deliciousness! BTW I need you to come shopping with me, no kidding can we please go together! I need help!

design gal said...

oooh, i love corn on the cob! does the ocean water make it naturally a little bit salty? Mmmmmmm!

Hey, do you know a Margaux Humphries? She lives in the Laguna area & we saw her wedding on the website- very neat!

Bracken and Bracken said...

Delicious!! The corn looks good too :)

Kim said...

And STEP 6: Got toothpicks?

nerak said...

that looks like way too much fun!

and when we come to cali, you must go shopping with us.

{bk} jones said...

You look so CUTE! I want your entire outft! Where did you get that belt...I NEED it.

courtney brooke said...

i somehow cam across your blog. you are adorable. i want your hat. no, i want your whole outfit!