Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sorry I'm late!!! I just returned this evening from a wonderful stay in Canada and now I'm ready to blog about my favorite two hours on television! Would you believe that Monday night in Winnipeg, Canada I actually opted to retire to the hotel early JUST so I could watch this dumb show? I know, pretty silly, eh? (Just a little Canadian lingo for ya there.) And it was oh so worth it! Now, I knew it would be several days until I would have access to a computer so I jotted down some notes while watching, just to make sure I didn't leave out the "good stuff."

Let's break it down, shall we:

REID (Philadelphia, PA): His family seemed 99.9% normal. Jillian seemed comfortable and Reid really seemed into her. I was a little concerned that he continuously asked "What do you guys think?" It's one thing to seek approval from your family, but it's another to seek their advice on whether she's the one or not. I hope he takes some time to figure out whether he and Jill are a match. Oh, and did you happen to notice when they kissed that she is always the one to stop first? Does that mean something to any of you? Let's take notice next week and see if this suspicious behavior continues.

MICHAEL (Valencia, CA): Identical twins my butt!!! Those two looked nothing alike. And why is Jill always complaining about this stupid age thing? Hello! Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Halle Barry and Gabriel Aubry, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. I mean seriously Jill, if you're gonna complain about something, make sure it's something worthwhile, like his horrible last name. Stagliano? Yikes. I guess it doesn't matter anymore though, does it. It was fun having you on the show Michael. If you're ever back in California again, my roommates think you're hot. Just thought you should know.

KIPTYN (Encinitas, CA): Did anyone else notice how Jillian suddenly tried to be this hip southern California surfer girl when she walked up to Kiptyn's house? If I recall correctly I believe her exact words were "I can't believe this is where you live, dude." Oh my poor Jillian. Maybe you should've stayed in Canada, eh? And how about Kitpyn's parents? Now that's a yikes! I knew I switched over to Team Reid for a reason. I don't know if anyone could handle a mother-in-law like that. No offense Kiptyn. Oh, and let's hope their on-screen kissing improves before the fantasy suite card is dealt. I'm not sure I can handle much more of that.

JESSE (Carmel Valley, CA): No thanks. I never really was a fan of Jesse, and then ABC went and made him that much more worse for me by introducing us to his family. Did anyone else think Jesse's brother Jake looked like Jesse 10 years from now? Scary!!! And what kind of brother talks crap on their own flesh and blood like? Poor guy's just a lonely, bitter, and jealous man. I think I might have tried to feel a little sorry for him, had he not acted like a total jerk on national television. Sorry Jesse, best of luck to ya. Say "Hi" to my friend Michael for me. I hear you're still crashing on his couch in LA. Bummer.

WES (Austin, TX): I have an entire page of HATE notes from this hometown date. Let's see what I jotted down: "What an a-hole! He is the devil in disguise!" "Jillian, you are an absolute idiot!" "Earth to Jillian! He's LYING to you!!!" And there's more, but I'll spare you the details. I think Jake definitely did the right thing by coming to talk to her about the creepster. I still can't believe that she would trust slimy Wes over sweetheart Jake. If she chooses Wes she deserves every last bit of what's coming to her. I hope she gets to see "the real Wes" during her one-on-one time with him in Spain next week.

ED (Chicago, IL): He's baaaack! We all predicted it. Part of me wonders if it was all a paid stunt for ratings and part of me wants to believe that he actually had genuine feelings for her and decided to return to win back the heart of Jillian. Whatever the reason, I'm glad he's back!

Start getting excited for next week when Jillian and the remaining four bachelors: Reid, Kiptyn, Ed, and A-hole...I mean Wes, travel to Spain for some romantic overnight dates. Uh-oh! My dad and I had a little talk about this one on our way home from the LAX airport tonight. Let's hope they keep in PG rated please. Stay tuned.


design gal said...

true dat! i'm 2 years older than andrew! it was weird when we first met but then i got over it! if your compatible and the maturity level is there- no worries! :)

how was canada?

Kim said...

Oh, I was hoping you would find Robby by the railroad tracks while you were in Canada!

theblibbys said...

HAH! Wes is an a-hole! You should go to my facebook and what the video about what happens in Spain with Wes. This is definitely an interesting show this season. Glad you are back!!