Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vintage 80's Dancing

Since when did 80's become vintage? Wow I'm getting old. This week in preparation for another fantastic Tuesday night at Oceans, the roomies and I found the most amazing Vintage shop in Dana Point on the corner of PCH and Violet Lantern. It's called Junqies and it's full of all kinds of amazing treasures. I was pretty much obsessed with their vintage hats and made Katie take ridiculous pictures of me in all of my favorites. I think I'll come back and get one for the Del Mar races.

Besides the hats, my favorite part of the store was their $5 bargain rack and the ridiculous costume rack. I couldn't believe my eyes! That was some amazing stuff! We each came out with our own unique pieces to complete our 80's ensembles for the evening. We were quite excited to sport our new outfits. Ta-Da!!!

I'm sure you'll agree with me that Allie definitely wins with her black and white striped Esprit overalls circa 1987. Would you believe I actually had a pair of those in Elementary school? Blue and white railroad baby! And Katie, wow, I'm diggin the neon! Oh, and how about my gold sequin shorts, thank you very much! Love at first sight. Who doesn't love the 80's!


Heather and Taylor said...

Aubrey! Hi, its Heather Reese! I have to admit I have been reading your bachelor comments and I love them! Well, I just step up a blog and wanted to say hi! xoxoo

Erin said...

i love you and your HOT style.