Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!!

Dear Mom,

I'm probably gonna get myself in trouble for announcing how old you are to the blogging world, but honestly, you don't look a day over 30. You know it's true! I love when we go shopping together and the employees ask "Do you and your sister want to share a dressing room?" How many mom's can say they pass for their daughter's sister? Not many!

I hope you know how much I love, appreciate, and honor you. You have become one of my best friends over the years and I love that we share a love for so many of the same things: Anthropologie, Interior Design, hydrangeas, sewing, brownie batter, coffee table books, the piano, one-piece swimsuits, Shiba Inus, water with lemon. Haha! I really do love even the little things.

I wish you a very happy birthday today and hope that you feel loved by all those around you. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, talented, and caring mother like you. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!



meeshw said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Aubrey is do NOT look 50! Seriously? I wish you the best Kim...and Aubrey...welcome and stories are demanded...but I will wait patiently.

Madsen Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy Kim! You are beautiful inside and out! Be proud to be 50...look at everything you have to show for it! Aubs, glad you got home safe! I want to hear all about it!

Hizzeather said...

My mom turned 50 this year too! 50 is the new 40! :)

Laura said...

Happy birthday Kim! Ever since I was a little girl I've thought that you were absolutely GORGEOUS! You really haven't aged a day - you are as gorgeous as ever!

You are such an amazing person and I have so much love for you and your family!!! I hope your birthday is wonderful!
Much love, Laura

shan said...

what a sweet post! :) Happy Birthday Momma Messick! And Aubrey is totally right, you don't look a day over 30!

Kim said...

That totally brought a tear to my old eyes! Thank you so much. I am so lucky to be your Mom! You are so great to me! I love you so much!
And thanks friends for all the love - you are the greatest!

Bracken and Bracken said...

Happy Birthday Mom!! Sorry I didn't have a big long post too!! Love you :)

Florene said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom, Aubrey! We have such an amazing family and are so blessed to share the kind of "eternal" love that we do. I kept thinking about Grandpa Gerry and how much he loved his little girl -- and his grown-up daughter! I'm sure he is proud of who she has become, too! How's Paris?

Heather said...

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even turned on my computer so I feel like a really, really bad sister right now! I love your mom so much - she's always been my inspiration - who I most wanted to grow up to be like. When you were a baby - I wanted Kim to adopt me so I could be your big sister and live with you guys forever! I loved my mom, don't get me wrong, but I HATED being so far away from my sisters, they were the only thing I had left of my dad. Your mom always put up with me coming every summer and I would cry for days when it was time for me to go home! I am so grateful for you mom, my big sister, and that really was a sweet post. Elissa and I are beginning the "friend" journey now, and it's so great!
Love you Aubs!