Monday, March 9, 2009

"It's Just Lunch!"

I am pretty much obsessed with our new San Clemente 5th ward bishopric. They're fun, hip, and absolutely hilarious. Two weeks ago we had the most amazingly ridiculous Family Home Evening dialogue between the members of the bishopric and their gorgeous wives. The men played the part of young members of a Singles Ward trying to win a date with several of the single ladies in the ward.

As they role played it was obvious that one of the guys, who had just taken out the cutest girl in the ward, was having second thoughts and wanted to take out her roommate instead. Of course a roar of laughter ensued, leading us to discuss the idea of what it means to be a "player" vs. "dating around." We all agreed there's nothing wrong with the roommate switch. Right Alice? Haha!

After the men were done being tortured, they began poking fun at the behavior of so many women in the singles scene. In the skit, one of the girls calls up her mother and starts gushing about this boy that just took her out to lunch. Together the mother and daughter start plotting potential wedding dates and how it would be the perfect amount of time to date for 4 months, get engaged, and have a late summer wedding. We were all in tears and belly laughs!

It was then that the concept of "It's just lunch!" was introduced. Our witty bishopric and their wives used the humor of their skit to encourage us all to consider the non-threatening, more casual concept of "the lunch date." At the end of the discussion we all agreed that it was a great idea and that we'd all start going on more lunch dates because hey, "It's just lunch!"

For the last few weeks, members of our singles ward have been lunch dating up a storm and on Sunday when one of the members of the bishopric got up to conduct the sacrament meeting, he was wearing a small pin that read "I Did Lunch," attached to his left lapel. He quickly explained that the coming Monday night at FHE, the first round of "I Did Lunch" pins would be passed out for all those who went on lunch dates since our last lesson. How classic is that?

When we arrived Monday night at FHE we all learned that for each lunch, dinner, or even breakfast date we went on in the month of March, we would qualify for an "I Did Lunch" pin. (Multiple dates with the same person count only once.) The person with the most pins at the end of the month would win the contest. So with that being said, I received my first pin Monday night and am gladly accepting lunch dates for the entire month of March. Let the games begin!


Christa Jeanne said...

Way to go, girl! I have to agree - they're pretty much amazing. LOVE the new bishopric and their wives!!!

And I have to say, we're probably the only ward out there where a gift certificate to Baja Fish Tacos hangs in the balance for the righteous daters. That's serious stuff!

Kim said...

Hilarious! I just want to go on record here that I am NOT one of those Mom's who gets calls about gushing and potential wedding dates!!! Just so it's clear - I love the "lunch date" game! :) Happy eating...

wild woods said...

Oh dear your bishopric must be some pretty good guys with great humor. Good luck with more lunch dates... hey you do have a birthday coming up so some guys can take you out for that.

Let me just tell you how small this world really is. My neighbor knows you. I know I am running into everyone in Utah that knows The Aubrey Messick. Elise Lungquest said that she grew up with you and she saw you on my blog. Everyone just loves you and knows you! Miss popular popular popular what ever!
I will retype your Paris email today so be ready for all the goods for planning your tirp!

liNdsEYloO said...

i want one of those buttons! that is a brilliant idea! :)