Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was the afternoon of my Mum's 50th birthday. She was getting so upset that my dad was late coming home from work. Little did she know Dad was at the airport picking up the best birthday surprise ever: my little sister Jacki and baby Dallen. Hooray!

While pacing the hall, waiting for Dad to get home, the doorbell rang. We all giggled from the kitchen as we heard her approach the stranger behind the glass. She called out "Oh, cute! It's someone with a baby." As the door swung open, there was Jacki, holding Little D in her arms as she shouted "Surprise! Happy Birthday Mom!" We all hurried to the door to see the look on her face. Absolutely priceless.

It was so fun having Little Dallen in town all weekend. We got to take him to the beach, shopping at the Spectrum, and even my parent's pool for the first time. He is such a little water baby. He did NOT want to get out of the water for his nap. I wish we could've let him play for hours. Isn't he absolutely adorable!

After swimtime he hung out with our doggie Kasey, aka Pooh Bear. I'm sad I wasn't there to witness it, but apparently he was just lovin on that chubby little puppy. So glad Jax snapped a few pics for me to oogle over. I'm so proud of our little Pooh Bear for putting up with Dallen. Shiba Inu's (that's the kind of dog she is...I know...I'd never heard of it before either) are supposed to be naturally standoff-ish, but we've trained her to let us throw ourselves all over her. She's a good little dog, that Pooh Bear. Fat. But good.

It was sad saying goodbye, but I'm so excited to go out to Arizona for Easter weekend to see this little guy again. I love his squishy cheeks and open-mouth kisses. I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest Auntie in the whole world. See you soon Little D!


Bracken and Bracken said...

Sorry we couldn't spend more time with you, but we still had tons of fun!! Can't wait until Easter :)

Kim said...

Love those faces... :*

g. lock said...

this is so random, but we totally had a shiba inu, ha! you like never see them, let alone hear of them.

Erica said...

when'd you guys get a shiba!?! my parents have 5 of them. love them. and how fun spending time w/ little d!