Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Let's Go Dolphins! Let's Go!"

It's that time of year again. It's Lacrosse season in Southern California! My little brother Scotty is on the team again so this weekend I decided to show my support and go to his first home game, or was it to escape the singles scene for a night? Either way, it was great to watch Dana do what they do best. Dominate! I love you #16! It's always fun to sit in the stands of your old Alma Mater and look out over the field where you spent so many hours of your High School life. No! I wasn't a cheerleader. Gosh! No offence Alice. Anyway, it was a double whammy of an evening. I got to watch my brother kick some serious lacrosse butt and also wish my fabulous Grandpa Messick, who sat in the stands sippin' hot chocolate with me, a very happy birthday! He's the coolest Grandpa EVER!!!


charity said...

what did you enter to win???

Kim said...

Look at those cool uniforms this year! Go Dana!