Saturday, November 29, 2008

USC vs. Notre Dame

Saturday I was invited to the USC vs. Notre Dame rivalry match-up. While I already knew the game would be a total Irish upset, I couldn't passs up the opportunity to attend my first SC football game at the LA Coliseum. I know, I know! A lifelong southern California resident and this was my first SC game! This might sounds pathetic, but for the last few years, all the boyfriends I've had have been huge UCLA fans, so I was always a Bruin by default. Sorry excuse, I know. But not tonight!!! SC dominated the end zone and I loved it. 38-3. Go Trojans!


g. lock said...

that is exciting. sc games are super fun. if i root for any other team, grandpa will cut me out of the will.

melissa said...

im sooooooooo proud of you! i get to go to UCLA v USC this weekend... i love my trojans!