Monday, November 10, 2008

The McKissick Wedding

What a beautiful weekend for a Harbor wedding. This past Saturday my long-time High School friend, Nicki Howard, was married to Daniel McKissick at Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point. The ceremony was beautiful and Nicki looked radiant in her white wedding gown.

The day was doubly exciting because my best friend Allison Montano and her husband drove down from Vegas for the ceremony. I guess it kinda goes without saying that Ali and I had a little too much fun entertaining ourselves at the reception. We're ridiculous, we know. Some things never change!


Heather said...

Hey are they still workin at Islands?? LOL!

Miss Paula said...

um, your dress is the most adorablest ever. love it!

Jessica Reeves said...

You look GORGEOUS! (Of course!!)