Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When I rolled out of bed Monday morning, I knew it was going to be a good day. Cinco de Mayo is probably one of my favorite holidays. Some might ask "Why? Whats so special about Cinco de Mayo?" Good question. Its the FOOD!

I am in love, yes, in love with Mexican food. I can't get enough of it. Allie Hobbins and I have said before that we could have Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And on Cinco de Mayo thats just what I did. I began the day by indulging in a hot and delicious breakfast burrito. Yes, I caved. No diet shake for me. Just warm, ooey, gooey, goodness melting in my mouth.

The morning rolled on as usual as I counted down the minutes til I could get my next flavor-filled fix. At lunch time I surrendered myself to more mexican goodness as I met the Lunch Bunch at Wahoo's and enjoyed the fiesta of flavors of my favorite new kick, the Wahoo's Chicken Salad...with mild chicken and creamy balsamic dressing. Its unbelievable. However, I am, and always will be, partial to anything I can smother in their green sauce. Its good. Its really good.

Work was long. Too long. But by 5:00 I was well on my way out of the office and ready to do some damage at Fashion Island. In honor of this blessed holiday I purchased a feisty little green dress from where else but Anthro. When I put it on I felt like a real mexican muchacha. I did a few twirls in the dressing room and I was sold. One swipe of the credit card and I was off to bigger and better things.

I picked up my friend Briana at her ridiculously cute new house in Corona del Mar that I am still coveting! Together we headed down to Balboa Island for some Fiesta fun at Holly, Charity, and Ashlee's house where...yes...you guessed it...we ate more Mexican food. This time it was homemade salsa, guacamole, tacos and virgin Margaritas. Such tasty goodness. The nostalgia of everyone enjoying my favorite holiday was enough to send me into a state of perfect euphoria for the remainder of the evening.

To top off the night the girls decided to avoid the long drive back to Laguna and instead have a sleepover on the Hobbin's yacht. Aka - The Hobby. We overloaded on junk food, gossiped about the boys, and then fell asleep to the soothing sways of the boat. I must say it was the perfect ending to the perfect day. Viva Mexico!


Erica said...

yum yum! ole! yo amor comida de espana!

shan & andrew said...

Viva Mexican food! Lol! I too love Cinco de Mayo! Sadly, our little party was canceled, however Andrew and I enjoyed some amazing food at a local authentic Mexican place by ourselves! It was delicious!
Parties are the best- especially when you have a new dress! Aubrey + new dress = Hot Mamacita!

Emily Sue said...

That seriously was such a fun night!! :)

Emily Sue said...
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Jessica Reeves said...

Too fun! I didn't do one thing for Cinco de Mayo! You just made me really hungry and I want some good Mexican food!