Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day '08

I fell in love this Memorial day...with these little guys. How cute are they??? Bree Hobbins was babysitting and decided to bring these adorable little munchkins down to T street in San Clemente. where we all just played in the sun.

Wann know what happens when you give a baby a blue Airhead?

One happy blue tongued baby.

Maggie and Bree showing each other their blue tongues.

I attempted to read my book but there were just way too many distractions.

McKenzie, the big sister, was busy helping Tanner and Logan digging a giant hole. I still remember my dad helping me dig holes and telling me that if we dug deep enough we might get to China. Sad thing was, I believed him!

Maggie busy doing her own thing.

Maggie really took a liking to Brett. She was flirting with him ALL day.

Isn't she adorable? I want one!

Alice, equally as adorable.

Maggie loved hamming it up for the camera.

Eventually she got tuckered out.

You're gonna want to click on this one to enlarge it. Logan snuck away down to the water for a minute and this is what we found him doing! Haha! I love this kid!

Tanner was stoked because all day he was admiring this lady's kite and after a she got her use out of it she came over to Tanner and asked if he'd like to keep it. You should have seen the smile on that kid's face. He was so excited and kept telling everyone that the lady gave him the kite and said he could keep it FOREVER! Unfortunately the kite broke 20 minutes later.

We were a little worried no one would show up because of the early morning clouds but the day ended up being sunny and beautiful.

As we were leaving the view was too perfect to not take a picture.

I just love the Riley sisters.

Good bye T street.

Until next time . . .

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Erica said...

as i was on the outer banks shore i wondered if any little kiddos out there would just relieve themselves along the water front. way to go logan!