Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

He proposed! It's official! Saturday morning the HOBBY yacht was suppose to set sail for Catalina. Our friend Greg had been planning for weeks to propose to his girlfriend Athena on the beautiful island. But, due to severe weather through the channel, plans changed. With the weather's cooperation, we were still able to do a lunch cruise through the harbor and enjoy the California coastline and Greg was still able to propose to the lovely Athena!

The happy couple!

Greg's plan was to get Athena alone on the front of the yacht so he could propose. While we were all talking, one by one we started clearing the deck until Greg and Athena were the last two left on the bow. It was so funny because we all huddled together on the top level so we could spy on them and watch the blessed event take place. (The picture is all blurry because I took it through the plastic).

Greg is so cute. He got down on one knee and asked Athena if she would spend eternity with him. She said YES! 

We all cheered as Jeff broke out the bubbly and Ninja (Jeffrey) got on the loud speaker and announced to the rest of the boats in the harbor that Greg had just proposed! Everyone that heard cheered and helped us congratulate the newly engaged couple.

Brock and Nicole celebrating the engagement.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine and eating tons of junk food. It was the perfect day for yachting!

Me and my twin.

Brother Hobbins let me captain the boat.

Emily's turn at the wheel.

Little Alice. So precious!

Brett being Brett!

Taylor gettin his yacht on!

Aaron just hanging out.

I love the Bennetts!

Girl time!


Emily Sue said...

LOVE the post! That day was so fun. :) Yay for engagements and yay for yachting!

Kim Messick said...

It is so amazing how the view through the plastic makes a heart shape as he is proposing!!! Love it!