Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch of the Day

Monday night while the rest of the ward was enjoying Family Home Evening at the Bishop's house, Brother Eric Persson, whom we'll refer to as Brother P., was out at sea reeling in his catch of the day, a 300 lb. thresher shark! That's huge!

All alone on his fishing boat, he said it took him over 2 hours of fighting to reel it in...and Brother P. is a big 6'7" man. He said that once he reeled it in, the shark was too heavy for him to lift so he had to drag it along side the boat back to shore.

Once back in the harbor, Brother P. required the help of 3 other guys just to transfer the massive shark into the bed of his truck. For more awesome pictures, click HERE.

In celebration of the catch, a few of us daring ward members gathered for a little BBQ Tuesday night to enjoy a feast of thresher shark tacos. Mmm, tasty! Thanks for sharing your catch of the day Brother P.

Bottoms up baby!

Of course the night wouldn't have been complete if we didn't end the night with a little Rock Band. Thank you Bunker for your mad skills on the guitar and mic!


Karly said...

Oh yummy! I remember having some shark after a catch last summer from Bro. P and it was so good! And wow, look at that picture. Can you believe you ate that??

Dust said...

I am personally offended that you didn't include pictures of the real shark.

Laura said...

Aren't Eric's shark tacos amazing??

Kim Messick said...

Oh, My! I hope he didn't find any body parts inside that thing when he cut it open!