Monday, August 31, 2009

{ We're Making Progress People! }

You may not agree, but to me, this is a gorgeous sight to behold. It's the look of progress! Here's where we're at with the Hobbin's home remodel in the California hills. Demolition? Check. Electrical? Check. New windows? Check. Dry wall? Check. A place for Mark's new flat screen TV? Check.

It's so exciting to see this project take shape. Stay tuned for more updates. It's time to pick paint! Why does there have to be so many colors of beige???


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

i think you should do any color but beige! push yourself and your client.

Kim said...

You mean like "Boutique Beige" that has a yummy gold tint to it?! It's going to look awesome - it will really make the white crown moulding and baseboards and white trim stand out! Love it! Can't wait to see the finished product!