Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{ Thou Shalt Not Covet }

The swimsuit I've been coveting from Anthropologie was just marked down from $218 to $125. I know it's still WAY too much to pay for such a small scrap of fabric, but how can one say no to a scrap of fabric this amazing? I must have!


Bryce & Nicole said...

So cute! It would look amazing on you too!

liNdsEYloO said...

(devil on shoulder) its half price and DARLING. buy it.

nerak said...

LOVE IT. Love Anthro swimsuits.

Mine went on sale too! Similar situation: still horribly overpriced, but you better believe I bought it!

Yup, I'm pretty sure you need that swimsuit.

p.s. Don't forget to write me back penpal! The anticipation is killing me!

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Dont Do It! Walk Away!!! You just got new super hot swimming suits for the summer.

Aubrey said...

It's too late my friend...the devil made me do it.

Bracken and Bracken said...

How funny?!?! I am debating whether or not to buy a bathing suit that is on sale for exactly the same sale price!! Hmmm...?
I'll get mine if you get yours :)