Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bachelorette: Epsiode 2

This may come as a shocker, but my head's not really in "The Bachelorette" right now. I just returned home from the most FANTASTIC 5-day vacation to Lake Powell EVER! And to be honest, I'd rather tell you all about my ridiculously AWESOME trip. Alas, pictures are not ready yet, so I will save the Powell post for another day and gab about the best two hours on television.

Since ALL of my Monday was spent in a car stuck in traffic on I-15, I didn't get to watch my favorite show until Tuesday afternoon. Lucky for me I have the kind of job that lets me multi-task. And by multi-task I mean working while watching "The Bachelorette: Episode 2." It was a productive day.

Anyway, my initial thoughts after watching this episode were: still Team Kiptyn, pilot Jake was smooth sailing on his solo date, David is a dirt bag and better watch his back, Juan is a homo and should've been deported, Wess is wacked, and Tanner P needs to get on his ugly feet and take a hike!

As for the men that were sent home tonight, who cares. They were all lame. I'm pretty sure Brian should've kept his you-know-what in his you-know-where, Mathue has way too much estrogen to be on a show like this, Julien was nice but NO, and then Simon, still not sure how he made it into the top 20, but whatever.

Okay, time to hit the hay and dream of houseboats with helicopters, hundreds of shooting stars, and wakeboarding the channels of Powell til my legs fall off. Get ready for some pictures!!!


Bracken and Bracken said...

100% agreed!!!

Kim said...

Hey, I kinda liked Juan...And I DO like Jake (not just cuz he's a pilot- but that's cool too!)

Steve and Lauren said...

So I forgot about episode 2, but it sounds like I did not miss anything. LEt me know when episode 3 is on and lets do a girls night for that:)

Heather and Taylor said...

Team Jake all the way!!

Madsen Family said...

My fav's are Jake and Sasha...Kiptyon looks just like Nate Berkus from Oprah Show and he is gay.

Aubrey said...

Oh Mother, a little skinny dipping is good for the soul. Love you!