Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adventures At Disneyland

Friday night my Dad and brother snuck out of town for a Father and Sons campout, leaving my mother all alone in a big house with no one to play with but our fat and lazy dog. So, after work I decided it would be fun for us to have a girls night out and dance our way around Disneyland one last Friday night before my pass expires next week.

We started out the night with our favorite ride, The Tower of Terror. I find it a little humorous that I love this ride because I am horribly afraid of heights. I sometimes imagine in my sleep that I am falling off tall buildings or free-falling from a bridge to my terrible demise. It's awful. I refuse to peer over the sides of tall things. Freaks me out. But, oddly enough, I really enjoy tower of terror. I think it's the seatbelt. Gives me this weird false sense of security that I'm okay with.

After surviving Tower of Terror, we were on our way next door to Disneyland, when my Mom pointed out an attraction I'd never seen before. It was a show called: Turtle Talk with Crush. You know, like Crush the turtle from Disney's Finding Nemo. It's a fun interactive show where an animated Crush who is in this so-called microphoned aquarium interacts with the audience and accepts questions from the little kids sitting up front on the lily pads. It's really quite cute and I highly recommend stopping to see it. It's one of those hidden gems, like Billy Hill and Hill Billys. Love them!

After CA Adventure closed we snuck over to Disneyland and walked down Main Street and straight into the corner shop to buy ourselves a Cream Cheese Filled Pretzel. If you still haven't tried one, you're missing out! With pretzels in hand, we decided on Space Mountain, another of our favorites. The line was over an hour long and provided LOTS of entertainment. We were in front of the MOST annoying little girl EVER, the couples in front of us would NOT stop making out, and there was a Kelly Slater look-a-like 20 people up that I kept STARING at every time our lines would cross. We were well entertained to say the least.

After Space Mountain were absolutely exhausted, and my twisted back was screaming at me to go home, so we called it a night. It was a great last "Hoorah!" at the happiest place on earth. I'll have to start saving my pennies so I can get another Annual Pass soon. I love me some Disney!


Kim said...

Thanks for spending a fun-filled night with me! It was awesome! Nothing better than some fun-filled Disney adventure and fantasy!

design gal said...

i wish we could have met up! we were there monday and tuesday and it was awesome! next time for sure!