Sunday, December 12, 2010

{ The Ritz Carlton :: Christmas Edition }

It's been fun introducing Matt to some of my families holiday traditions. At the top of the list is The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel to see their Christmas decorations. Through the years it has remained one of my favorite holiday stops for several reasons:

1. They always have the most gorgeous tree, lights, decorations, floral creations, and on, and on, and on...

2. Each year they come up with some fabulous gingerbread creation that is 100% edible and will completely knock your socks off! This year they re-created a Woody complete with 7' longboards and mini-surf village.

3. You'll find a hallway full of autographed surfboards up for auction. This one was signed by the late Andy Irons, a surfer whose legend will live on forever!


Kim said...

This was so fun! Thanks for keeping the tradition with us! The house of lights was fun too, except for the being scared part!

Bracken and Bracken said...

I wanna go!! Scotty will go with me just to see the Andy Irons board ;)