Thursday, July 15, 2010

{ 4th of July :: HB Style }

This blog post is dedicated to my Arizona BFF's who made my 4th of July weekend in Huntington Beach the BEST ever! Truly, I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend...well, a little more sunshine would have been nice. But even that might've been a little greedy. It was THAT good people.

Friday morning we all slept in late (well, all but me...I have issues) and then cruised over to one of my fave brunch spots in HB, The Park Bench Cafe. Their omelets are seriously the best! After brunch the day was ours so we decided to drive down the coast and visit one of my favorite beaches in Laguna, Crescent Beach. I think the rest of Laguna had the same idea!

Next stop was Balboa Island! I took the girl's to try their first Balboa Bar and it was a smashing hit. DELISH! There's no denying this hypoglycemic one of those delicacies.

Friday night we hosted another "Happy Hour" at our place and invited friends and out-of-towners to come over and enjoy a virgin drink before hitting the town. We opted for a local Thai Restaurant and pretty much took over the place, followed by some dancing at The Pierce Street Annex. It was a VERY good night.

Saturday was amazing. I snuck away for a few hours to visit my nephew Dallen and the rest of the fam out by the pool, but was back at the beach with my ladies by mid-afternoon. We stayed as long as we possibly to could to soak up every last drop of sun and then headed out to grab some burgers and enjoy a soak in the hot tub, followed by a friend's party at the Beachwalk Clubhouse, and then a late night movie. We may or may not have watched Hannah Montana. Saturday was such a great day!

Sunday morning, the Day of Independence, we "reverently" walked down to Main St where we joined some friends to watch the World's Largest 4th of July Parade." Who knew? The rest of the day was spent attending our church meetings and then I drove down to Capo Beach to spend some time with my family at the Beach House. (Pictures of my week at the Beach House are coming soon.) All in all, another FABULOUS day!

Monday, our fourth and final day, was spent exploring the streets of Huntington. We "watched" some friends play beach volleyball, took a stroll down the pier, and enjoyed lunch and an ice cream on Main St. Not a bad way to end the trip. Do you love how I'm acting like I went on "vacation?" Because that's what it felt like to me! Thanks girls for coming to play! Come back soon!!!

If you're up for a little video action of our weekend and you have a Facebook account, click HERE, then HERE. Love Andria's editing. Girl's got mad skills!


Kim said...

Beautiful girls!

Bracken and Bracken said...

cute pics! glad you still had some time for the beach house :)

Alisha said...

ABUREY!! I am just now reading this post. Thanks AGAIN for letting us come stay with you! You are the best hostess EVER and I loved being able to spend time with you!

i think my favorite quote is "We "reverently" walked to the main street parade." HA HA HA.

Did I mention I love you?? Ya. the pic of us with our twinner bags sums it all up. I wanna be like Aubrey Messick. :)