Thursday, June 24, 2010

{ DHHS Graduate :: Scott Vernon }

Forget the Bachelorette! My baby brother is a High School graduate!!! Woohoo! I still can't believe it. Yesterday the whole family (minus the Brackens...we missed you guys!) played hookie from work to attend this handsome kid's graduation.

Can I brag about my little bro for just a minute? Of all 4 Messick kids to graduate from Dana Hills, Scott graduated with the highest GPA, just a few decimals shy of a perfect 4.0. Not to mention, he did it all while maintaining 100% attendance at early morning seminary, built up his own business as a successful wedding and events DJ, and somehow found time to be on the lacrosse team AND surf after school nearly EVERY day! Impressive, right?

So what's next for this kid? BYU-Hawaii of course!!! In September the family will be dropping him off on Oahu's North Shore for a year of surfing...I mean school...until he's old enough to serve an LDS mission. Seriously so proud of you Scotty! Way to go!

{ Photography :: Alan Gibby }

Many more pictures of the exciting day are soon to come...


theblibbys said...

Yes, that's way better than the Bachelorette! Especially since it was horribly boring this week! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Kim said...

Wow! Great Pics! Thanks Alan for the great photos close up!
What a great day!
And thanks for not posting the family photo Aubrey! I need to do something about that!

Marcy said...

What a good looking kid! Way to go Scott!
I'm gonna forget that I used to babysit him (and you)...or the fact that I graduated from DHHS 15 years ago. Man alive, am I ever getting OLD!

Heather said...

So glad we made the trip down! Even if our car did decide to break down on the way home-i'd do it all over again:) love that kid! Loved seeing you :)

Bracken and Bracken said...

You forgot ruggedly handsome!! We are so proud of Uncle Scotty and so wish we could have been there :)

As for your lack of Bachelorette update, I am very disappointed, we had no A/C that night and stayed at Mark's aunts and our DVR was full and didn't record it, WHAT HAPPENED? I was counting on you for juicy details ;)

Kim said...

Don't worry Jacki - we taped it and you can watch it when you get here! Juicy for sure!