Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{ THE BACHELORETTE :: Unicorn Love }

Wasn't Monday night's episode FABULOUS! I came home late after an Angels Baseball game and the roommies and I decided to stay up way past our bedtime to watch it together. And I can tell you, it was well worth the lack of sleep. Bravo ABC.

Ok, first things first. Thank you InStyle magazine for helping out our girl in the style department. She was looking pretty fantastic. Loved the loose curls, the purple top with the cardi, the blue shirtdress, all of it. And I'm thinking they gave her a weave. No more pee-yellow. Thank goodness!

Ok, now to the good stuff! Kasey, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I think my all time favorite line of the night was delivered by Kasey after he finished singing the world's worst made-up song ever, "Yah, that's pretty intense stuff!" If you missed it, you simply must go HERE and watch it.

Other noteworthy scenes and excerpts from the night include but are not limited to:

- Ali while touring the museum with Kasey: "Oh my gosh, I love dinosaurs!"
- Kasey: "Jump in. Stay awhile." And who could forget "I'm here to protect your heart."
- Jesse is cute...but only in a hat. He will be missed.
- Cape Cod Chris is still in my top 2. Love the way he nuzzles his head in her neck.
- Roberto is SMOKIN' HOT! And he plays baseball. Win! Win! He's my fave for sure!
- Joshua Radin melts my heart. Loose the church choir though.
- Frank in response to Kasey's new ink: "That doesn't prove anything except for the fact that you're NUTS!"
- Kinda love how jealous Frank is. I've never had a guy go all territorial over me like that before. Makes me laugh.
- I miss Weatherman already. Crazy nut job!
- Kasey is staying? This really is the BEST show ever!

Ok, now let's shift gears and talk about how excited we are for this summer's Bachelor spin-off "The Bachelor Pad." I heard all about it on the radio this morning on the way into work. If you haven't heard about it yet, it's apparently going to be co-hosted by Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft and mimic the Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV. I guess the idea behind it is to throw 20 (rumor says there are only 19 now) bachelors and bachelorettes from seasons past into the same house (and the same room!) and let them all compete for the grand price of $250,000. Crazy, right?

And have you heard who they're bringing back? No, not Reid. He's too good for that crap. (Love you Reid, call me!) Rumor has it the Bachelor Pad will be home to some of the shows most memorable guys like:

- Kiptyn and his fabulous abs
- Craig M., the douchey version of McDreamy
- Weatherman...should be fun to have he and Craig back together again
- Angry Dave, from Jillian's season
- Wes, and hopefully not his "girlfriend"

and for the girls they've got a few favorites returning as well:

- The unforgettable Princess Tenley
- Gia, who should've been the next Bachelorette
- Sideburns Nikki
- Elizabeth, the awkward tease
- CRAZY remember her, don't you!

I actually can't wait. I think it's going to be a hilarious show. So long as ABC keeps it tasteful. I'm not gonna hold my breath though. Guess we'll all just have to wait and see...


Heather said...

Nu-uh I get to be your first comment?? That like never happens! Anyway - I was so :) to see the Weatherman go!!! I couldn't stand to hear one more weather related comparison!!! D-O-R-K! Yeah that Cape Cod Chris is in your top 2 - he's in mine too! I just thought the whole Lion King Broadway thing was too over the top for me - did anyone else think she looked like she had a load in her pants? Anyway - whatev. I did love the make-over - wish I could get me one of those!
On a completely unrelated note - see you next week :)

Kim said...

I was hoping to hear from you today! I have a few comments myself -
1. Did anyone notice on last week's episode when "Rated R" hobbled to Ali's house on the opposite foot?
What is up with that? Is his foot not really broken - 'cuz I don't know anyone who can hop for 3 miles on a broken foot - and then switch to the other one when you get there!!! BAD EDITING! And SUPER-BAD LIAR!
2. If I were Ali, I would be really afraid of Kasey! He has gone a little off the deep end if you ask me...
3. And Frank scares me a little too! He seems to be to possessive - like she is ALL MINE and you guys are not allowed to kiss her!
4. I REALLY like Cape Cod Chris. He's normal! :)
5. Romeo Roberto kinda bugs...

Elise said...

Kiptyn & Tenley should be together. And I don't remember Dave??

theblibbys said...

So excited for the Bachelor Pad!!! Crazy Michelle...YIKES!!! When does it start?????? Is it sick that I remember everyone in that list? Or maybe we're both obsessed with this show cause we both remember the people in that list!?

Thank you for posting the Kasey video link....I just can't believe that guy!!!

PS: I agree that Ali looked sooo much better in that In Style shoot.

Alisha said...

I am DEFINITELY going to be watching taht show!!!