Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I seriously have the best/funniest friends in the whole world! I got home from Kauai yesterday and found this gem waiting in my inbox from my High School buddy Justin and his cute wifey. HILARIOUS!!! Maybe someday I'll actually be desperate enough to go on this stupid show. I'd at least make for a good laugh, right?

Anyway, I'm sorry I completely missed out on last week's episode. I finally watched it and to be honest, I don't have too much to say about it. But, I will say this. I was wrong about Craig M. I don't know why I always like the arrogant SOBs, but he actually crossed the line last week and I'm glad Ali sent him packing.

But what the heck was she thinking when she gave Canadian, Chris H. the boot? Are you kidding me? Had I known she sent him home, I would have been scowering Vancouver for that beautiful man. BIG mistake Ali. Big mistake.

Anyway, enough about last week, let's talk about this week! Actually, all I really want to talk about from Monday night's episode is Roberto. Yowzers! He is soooo smokin' hot! Why can't I just find me a Latin lover like that! Definitely a keeper Ali. Although, I'm not so convinced that she's the one for him. In fact, she should dump him right now and send him on over my way! ;)

The whole music video thing was a total bust. Bare Naked Ladies? Puhlease! And what was with all the crying? I was suuuuuper uncomfortable when Weather Man staring tearing up before his kissing scene. Come on buddy! Pull it together! And how about when he later asked her to sneak away for a "real kiss." WHAT? No thank you Captain Awkward! You creep me out!

Well, that's all I got for now. Time to upload some pics from Kauai. Maybe next week I'll be a little less distracted and have some better material for you guys...


Kim said...

Hahaha! Finally! You are a hoot! That is such a great practical joke Justin!!! And Aubrey, I love your line about the Weather Man- Captain Awkward! You are so right - he did make the whole thing look sooo uncomfortable! Maybe it really WAS his first kiss EVER!
I have to add that I really got a kick out of the Ken and Barbie commercials during the show too! I love Ken's dating tips!
Hilarious! :@

theblibbys said...

AHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Yeah, Justin saw your green screen picture and was like...I'm so putting her with another background...and I said, "Make her the Bachelorette!" You would be perfect on that show! So stylish and beautiful!

Matt, Meggan & Ty said...

Aubrey...I know I know I'm in big trouble! If I wasn't such a hermet and actually new the geography of California I would have known how close you are, but I didn't realize until our last day there that we were by Laguna Nagelle where your parents live...please forgive me! I'm beating myself up! It's been forever too since I've seen you!

Bracken and Bracken said...

You always hit the nail on the head with the reviews!! Thank you for Captain Awkward, he was SO ridiculous :) And I LOVE Roberto, but I agree, she is way not cute enough for him!! I am liking this season better than I thought I would but I still can't stand Miss Ali, you would be a WAY better bachelorette, Justin had the right idea ;)