Monday, April 26, 2010

{ Home Not So Sweet Home }

I'm home from another wonderful weekend adventure in AZ, and while I should be at work catching up on emails and such, I'm at home in bed. Or rather, lying on the bathroom floor in anticipation of the next stomach fit to send my face back to the bowl. Too graphic? Sorry, I've got the flu.

Anyway, thought I'd update the blog real quick with a darling picture of the love of my life. Dallen (18 mo.) learned a new word this weekend: "Aubrey!" And he wouldn't stop saying it. I can't even tell you how sweet those syllables sounded coming from that precious little face.

I snapped this adorable picture while attending my sister and brother-in-law's Ward BBQ on Saturday. People probably wondered who the paparazzi was following around the cute kid in the striped polo. That would be the crazy Auntie!

I can't wait to post more when I get back my strength. But for now I'm going back to bed to get some rest and sip my 7up, very slowly! Hope to be back sooner than later. Adieu.


Alisha said...

Feel better, love!!

Bracken and Bracken said...

So glad you came and so sorry we sent you home with the flu!! Get better so you can come back :) We miss you.

Chillygator said...

Crazy Auntie is the best job in the world! My niece recently learned how to say my name and now she can have anything in the world she asks me for -- much to her parent's dismay.

I hope you feel better soon!

Diane CaƱate said...

Oh no! Feel better!