Thursday, April 15, 2010

{ LA :: Dream Girls }

Thank you Shauna for FINALLY posting pictures on Facebook. If you all remember, last month was THIS girl's birthday and to celebrate we decided to head up to LA to see the musical Dream style!

We started off the limo ride with a little Martinelli's toast to Miss Emily, the birthday girl, danced to some ridiculous music (give me some Justin Bieber for crying out loud!), and stopped for some tasty burgers at In-n-Out. Aren't my girlfriends pretty?

Then it was back in the limo and on our way to the Ahmanson Theater in LA to see Dream Girls. The show was amazing! Loved the songs! Loved the dancing! It was such a fun way to celebrate our dearest Emily. Happy Birthday all over again!


Jessica Reeves said...

You are always doing such fun things!! You look gorgeous!

Alisha said...

How fun! That's so awesome!!