Saturday, April 3, 2010

{ The Flower Fields :: Carlsbad, CA }

I found my heaven on earth. And it's in Carlsbad, CA. Would you believe that in all the 28 years I've been living in south Orange County, I have never in my life visited The Flower Fields? I've been to London and Paris, Hawaii and Honduras, Belize and the Bahamas. But I've never been to The Carlsbad Flower Fields in my own backyard. Crazy, I know.

So for my Mom's 29th birthday (that's how old you are, right Mom?) I decided to take her down the coast for a visit. And we never wanted to leave! Not only were there hundreds of thousands of ranunculus to wander through, but there were delphiniums, anemones, columbine, morning glory, tulips, sweet pea, and so much more. Major sensory overload! And I loved every minute of it.

I'm sorry for the picture overload you're about to experience, but honestly, this isn't even half of what I shot. (If you really want to see more, visit my Facebook album HERE). I sincerely hope you all have the chance to go and visit this amazing wonderland sometime in your life. It's truly an incredible experience!

After the flower fields, we met up with one of my Mom's dearest friends, Julie Rodgers, for lunch. After lunch we ventured over to the outlets and did a little damage at Banana Republic. I'm such a sucker for a crisp white skirt and anything with ruffles! We topped off the day with a visit to the local strawberry stand and bought the biggest, most juicy strawberries you've ever seen! Can't wait to bite into them tomorrow at our family's Easter Dinner. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter!


Heather said...

I've been staying a hop, skip & a jump from those places EVERY summer for the last 7 years!!!! Did you never wonder why???? Besides your moms backyard, it's my favorite place on earth! :) That was a sweet birthday gift, BTW! Miss you guys!!

IzeOfLight said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Bracken and Bracken said...

What a great 29th birthday for Mom and 28th for you :) Love you guys!! Great pictures!! Wish I was there, although I probably would have felt inadequate not knowing any of the flower names but Dallen would have fun ripping them all apart, he wouldn't be invited back :)

Kim said...

That was seriously such a fun thing to do for my birthday!!! Thank you so much! It was such a treat to be with you and all those beautiful flowers!!! And wasn't that so fun the Julie, Becca and MaryKate came to play and have lunch too!!! Thanks guys! Love you!

tam & eric battles said...

oh i am obsessed with all these flowers!! what a fun b-day outing! Eric and I lived down in SD one summer and i wanted to go there so bad!! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!