Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taco Tuesday

Tuesday night Cora had the brilliant idea to get the girls together at Fred's for some tacos! While I was sad Allie couldn't make it (she had a date to the Angel's game...a worthy excuse), Jaime saved the day by bringing baby Bentley and her cute friend Shannon. We had such a great time catching up on everyone's lives. I found out that Jaime and Shannon are attending their 10 YEAR REUNION next week, Jaime's husband Matt is taking 13 finals in Dental school this week, and Deron & Cora have reason to celebrate the great news that they are going to grow their family. How exciting! Every girl needs a little time away from the boys once in a while to just talk "girl talk".

Jaime, Me, Cora, Bentley, & Shannon

Bentley was such a hoot. He loved making a mess and smearing the tortillas all over his face. And no matter how into his tortilla he was, when I would take the camera and start counting 1...2...3, he would drop what he was doing and give the camera this huge grin. How adorable! I just love this little guy.


Jessica Reeves said...

How fun! That sounds really good right now - I guess I'm kind of hungry!

Kim Messick said...

I heart Bentley!

Cora said...

The only thing growing is Deron's belly. . .he likes my cooking. I'll let you know when their is official news of a growing family. Love ya Aubs!