Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baseball, Bowling & Birthdays . . .

Friday night was AMAZING! Daddy let us take the burb to Mormon Night at the Angel's Game! So fun! We stuffed our faces with hot dogs, nachos, and red vines. We didn't watch much of the game...mostly because our seats were in the very last row of the staduim. Regardless, it was a good game cuz I got to watch Garland pitch. Garland, if you're reading this, "Call me baby!"

Next on the agenda: LA! All the girls piled back into the beast and headed to LA to help one of our favorite friends, Brig Woods, celebrate his 26th Birthday. We did a little bowling (yes, I went bowling 2 nights in a row...AMAZING!) Tessa and I were a team and together we got the winning score of 141 and "totally redeemed myself" after Thursday night's pitiful performance. Thanks Brig for being born and giving us another excuse to party!!!

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