Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Love my Angels

Tuesday night the Halos smeared the Mets in an inter-league game played at the Angels Stadium of Anaheim. Lackey merited a standing ovation from the crowd as he exited after giving us a 6-1 lead over the Mets, securing their position in the leader's circle. Way to go Lackey! Other noteworthy performances are credited to Hunter, Izturis, Guerrero, Kotchman and Mathis. Love you boys!

A special thanks to our oh-so-generous Fari suppliers for hookin' a girl up! You know I love me some baseball!!! So glad you could come along Cora & Deron!


Marcy said...

How funny, my DH and BIL were there at that game too! I also watched The Other Boleyn girl for the first time with my MIL this past week and felt the same way as you. We have a lot in common this week! lol I'll have to read the book now, you have me intriqued and I love reading. I'll just have to squeeze the book in somehow

Marcy said...

oops, I pushed send before I was done. I'll have to squeeze the book in sometime in between some of our book club books. Do you have any other good reads you've read lately to suggest?