Thursday, January 17, 2008

What a view!

Lately I've been enjoying the view from a home I'm designing in Newport Coast. The location is unreal. I've never seen a more beautiful piece of property. When you stand in the Living Room you feel like you could reach out and touch Catalina island. I'll post pictures of the final product when its finished...which will probably be at least a year from now. I don't mind the wait! It just means I get to continue living vicariously through these homeowners for another year...even if its only for 8 hours a day.


Brooke W said...

are you kidding me? that is so incredible! did you guys get tiger's house? i am so anxious to hear if you did!

Jessica Reeves said...

Wow!! That is so amazing! I'm so jealous of your fabulous job!!!

Your Best Friend said... must have long arms.