Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corporate Lunch

I never really saw myself as the "business woman" type, but after being a part of the corporate scene for almost 2 years, it has its moments. One of them being the all too wonderful "Lunch Break."

Ive recently joined in with a few of my friends that work in the Newport Beach area for a monthy "Lunch Break" at Fashion Island. This month the odds were in my favor, as I was the only female to show. We all met up at the Atrium food court where we split up to grab our favorite food. The guys enjoyed their Philly Cheese Steaks while I scarfed down an Italian Pizza Salad. A favorite of mine.

Since I was the only girl there the conversations generally consisted of portfolio investments, AK-47s, blowing up stuff in the middle of the desert, and the history of LDS businessmen and their success in the Orange County sunglasses industry. It was actually a refreshing experience. I'm so used to going out with all my girlfriends and discussing boy drama, fashion, and the latest Hollywood gossip.

If you work in the Newport Beach area and wanna join us for lunch, let me know. I'm already looking forward to next month!


Devin K. Lindahl said...

Aubrey, havent seen or heard from you in a long time, just wanted to say and hope all is well, oh and I am so jealous you live in So Cal, this winter has been rough

corrine said...

aubrey lets go to lunch sometime, anytime! call me i would love to see you!

Just for Melissa said...

Hey we should get together for lunch sometime. I am up there for my classes all the time.

charity said...

I'm down too! I'm sure I can get a carpool of us from around the airport to join the lunch fun.