Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paul Walker's on Line 1...

We all have a celebrity crush! Mine is Paul Walker...the worst, but best looking actor in the world. He's my number one. (Well, I kinda do have this new thing for Drew Fuller from "The Ultimate Gift"...also a horrible actor.) Hey, I just like 'em cuz they're cute. But I digress.

Anyway, once Paul Walker told me he liked my name. Well, he didn't tell ME, he told my best friend in H.S., Allison, who approached him at Islands restaurant where she was a waitress. She told Paul that her friend was obsessed with him and would he please autograph the back of an Island's coaster. When he was asking who to make it out to she said "Aubrey." He then said..."Tell your friend she has a beautiful name." A girl doesn't forget something like that. Anywho...

Anyone who knows me well should get a good laugh out of this dialogue. Here's what happened to me at work the other day:

Receptionist:   "Hi Aubrey, can you take a call right now?"
Aubrey:            "I'm in the middle of something.  Who is it?"
Receptionist:  "Paul Walker."
Aubrey:            ...silence...choke on gum...."Um, yah, who's on the line?"
Receptionist:  "Paul Walker"


Ok, so I work for a very well known Custom Home Builder who designs homes for the rich and the famous so its really not that far fetched that someone like Paul Walker would be calling here. Right? So all of a sudden my head starts spinning (because of course anyone that knows me knows that there is one man in this world that has completely stolen my heart.)  Theee Mr. Paul Walker.


Aubrey: "Like "thee Paul Walker?"
Receptionist:  "I don't know?  Maybe? So do you want to take the call?"
Aubrey:           "Sure..." "Hello. This is Aubrey. "
Line 1:             "Hi Aubrey, this is Paul Walker from Architectural flooring...blah, blah, blah.

Ok, so oviously, I'm retarded. It wasn't the man of my dreams calling for me. First of all, if "the real" Paul Walker was wanting Fari International to build his house, do you really think he'd be calling me (well...maybe....if he were single and knew what was good for him).  But honestly!


Jennifer Rolph said...

I love you Aubrey...thanks for making me laugh today!

Rodebacks said...

HAHAHA that is awesome! I kind of got my hopes up for you! Well maybe someday! You know he comes to Utah a lot in the winter to go skiing if you wanted to know! Love you!

Shan&Andrew said...

Oh, I had a little chuckle reading that! That is totally something I would do! And when the REAL Paul Walker meets you, I'm sure he'll get tounge tied too and before you know it you'll live happily ever after!

Jessica Reeves said...

That is hilarious!! I love Paul Walker too - even if he is a horrible actor!!

Michelle said...

Hahahah...I seriously was on the edge of my seat reading your post! I couldn't wait to see what happened next! I seriously busted up laughing..out loud...all by myself! That is so funny! I wish it were the real thing though..he is gorgeous!!