Monday, December 3, 2007

SC5 Ward Christmas Party

I signed up to decorate a table...

...and yes, I was looking forward to it all week!


Doesn't Mark look like "Where's Christmas Waldo?" So cute!

Even Santa came for a visit. Can you guess who it is?

Paula and....Cameron!!! Ho ho ho!

The talent show.

Who knew our ward was so full of talent!

How many people does it take to make a slide show run?
5 wards members and an Apple store employee. Thanks Tris!

We had our wards Christmas Party Friday night and it was so much fun. I loved everything from decorating my table to the amazing Ham and turkey dinner with all the trimmings, to a visit from Santa, a gingerbread making contest and even a ward talent show...Julie Monroe stole the show (see picture of cute blonde and ugly mustache doll).
After the party ended we all came back to Club Messick to finish off the night with a little golf, basketball, hot tub and s'mores. Great idea, whoever thought of it! We'll have to do a repeat soon.


Shan&Andrew said...

I love your table! You're so talented Aubrey- great job! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Madsen Family said...

Love your table! Looks like fun but it makes me realize how glad I am to not do the whole single thing anymore! I am practicaly an old hag after being married 5 years! I just got your message too about Vicky at Costco! Ha ha, I'm glad you thought of me!!!

Jaime said...

You are so talented! And hot...and...I need to find you a hot dental student to date!

Tristen Ure said...

Ho Ho Ho! Let's go find some mistletoe! I think that's what Santa was thinking when he saw you that night!!! WHooo-Hooooo!

Ali B. said...

Wow Aubrey! Your new ward is definitely fancier than ours is. It was good to see you at the Clippers game a few weeks back. I hope all is well. I'll see you Saturday at the Powder Puff game.

Steve and Katie Hoffman said...

So cute Aubs! I didn't even know you had a blog until recently...Yeah!!!