Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at the Ritz

For Family Home Evening we decided to drive down the street to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel to see what kind of amazing things the designers came up with this Christmas!

Every year the Ritz puts up a huge Christmas tree in the entrance to the hotel. This year they decked it out in all red lights. Isn't it amazing!!!

While we were there we took some fun photos to put in a calendar that we gave to my Grandma Lori for Christmas. Aren't my parents so cute! I hope I age as well them!

You can tell my brother was really interested in what was going on the entire time!!!

My favorite part of the decorations at the Ritz is their over the top Gingerbread house! Its 100% edibile.

I just loved the giant rice krispie treat surf boards. These people are ingenious!

And how about the waffles for the roof tiles. Who comes up with this stuff?

I love me some Tori Burch, a little Chanel, and maybe a Mark Jacobs too! Please and thank you.

Oooooh! Merry Christmas to me!!! Hey Santa, wouldn't I look cute in this little black Bentley!


Madsen Family said...

Looks like fun! Troy would have loved the gingerbread house! We got your present in the mail...Thank you! The second book from Auntie Aubrey in our Christmas book collection! Your thank you not and a picture are on it's way! LOVE YOU!

Jessica Reeves said...

How fun! I got your Christmas card and it was so cute!! Thanks for sending that! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jones said...

Hey Aubrey! It is Katie from good ol' papaya & company! I somehow found your blog! It is so good to see ya! You look great! I am so jealous of those houses that you are helping design! You better post pictures of the results. Keep in touch!! Katie Jones

elwood hullinger said...

Good to hear from you, aubrey. I'm glad you noticed I have a cute little boy. He's been a joy to have except late at night. I heard you went out with a buddy of mine, josh riddell!