Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{ The Wedding Day :: Paul & Brittany }

{ MORMON BACHELORETTE UPDATE: The dates are going great! I've never been happier and more exhausted in my ENTIRE life! The 2nd dates start Friday night so be sure to cast your vote this Thursday for your favorite Bachelor to continue onto the second round. We now resume to our scheduled posting.... }

Back in August I had the rare privilege of helping my dear High School friend Brittany prepare for the most important day of her life. No, not the day she finally discovered makeup (although I was there for that day too!) but her wedding day to the love of her life, Paul Jepson. It was my pleasure to help make the beauty of her day come alive as one of her day-of coordinators and bring the vision they had so carefully and creatively designed, come to life!

Everything you see was all beautifully hand painted, hand sewn, and hand sculpted by the bride and her loving mother and sister, and then I lovingly spend the day putting everything together at the venue. While the hours were long, they were filled with so much visual stimulation and excitement for Brittany to come in and discover the most beautiful garden wedding wonderland. It really was a perfect day! I'm so grateful I could be even a small part of it. Congratulations again Paul & Brittany. I love you both with all my heart and can't wait to plan my trip to Denmark next year. Hope you like house guests! :)

Take a moment to check out some gorgeous photos of their wedding day featured on the blog 100 Layer Cake. I love everything about it! So fun, whimsical, and so Brittany!


Bracken and Bracken said...

Such a beautiful bride :)

And we are having so much fun watching your dates!!

Kim said...

A real treat for sure! Everything was just fabulous! Wish they lived closer though! Going to miss that beautiful face...

Miss B. said...

oh my, you WERE there for my first make-up attack. Thank you for helping me grow up.