Sunday, October 31, 2010

{ Halloween 2010 :: Bieber Fever }

While my costume this year was nothing to write home about (I found a sailor hat 2 minutes before we walked out the door and threw it on with a striped navy shirt...woop-di-doo!) my roommate Kiele on the other hand hit the jackpot with this one.

Seriously, how many girls do you know that could pull off JUSTIN BIEBER!!! I was so obsessed with her costume that on the way home from our neighborhood Halloween Party Saturday night I decided that he, I mean she (this is so confusing!) needed a photo shoot with the Benz. This one was my favorite of the night. I call it Bieber and the Benz. Beiber Fever anyone?

I'll probably post some more pictures later of the rest of the roomies and I, but I just thought this one deserved it's own post. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!


Kim said...

She's (He's) cute!

Liese said...

This is amazing! Love the Bieber-ness!