Sunday, August 1, 2010

{ Weddings . Weddings . Weddings }

Would you believe there were 17 weddings at the Newport Beach Temple this past Saturday? You heard me right...SEVENTEEN! What other church in world do you know of that can successful orchestrate the marriages of 17 brides in just one building, in one 24 hour day? None I tell you!

This particular Saturday I had the pleasure of dropping off a bouquet to a beautiful bride in the middle of what could've been utter chaos, but instead was surprised by the calm and collected volunteers, and happy wedding goers. And some of those wedding goers happened to be my parent's attending a wedding there at 10:00am AND my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew who came in town to attend a wedding at 11:00am. Like I said, it was a busy, busy day at the Newport Beach Temple!

*Note to self: Don’t get married at the end of July. You're too old to be picky! Take what you can get.


Kim said...

Hahaha! You're funny Aubrey!
That is another reason why I KNOW this church is true...
It was soooo organized outside the temple, with so many helpful people getting you into the right place at the right time - there's no way it can't be true! The Lord knows how to do everything!
By-the-way - your flowers were stunning! I saw other bouquets of sunflowers there that day too! But I could immediately tell which ones were yours!

design gal said...

no, don't get married at the end of July! We did and it was sooo hot and chaotic on the temple grounds! lol! but worth it in the end ;)