Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{ Brigham Young University - Hawaii }

This morning I'm hopping on a flight with the rest of my fam to drop my baby brother Scott off at college...in Hawaii! He's seriously gonna love it there!!!

I had the awesome opportunity to attend BYU-Hawaii after my freshman year of college and loved every minute of it! I still remember riding my longboard to school each morning, stopping by the local fruit stand for some fresh pineapple, then heading home to the A-Frame at the end of Pounders to study, surf a few sets, and fall asleep in the sand.

Oh to be 18 again! My little brother's gonna have such a blast! And so are we. See you all in a week!!! Then "D-Day" begins. Oh boy.


Kim said...

Oh, this is going to be so bitter-sweet! I will be a lone mother at home after this! Boo! Hoo! No one to take care of anymore...

Scott said...

Love you sis <3