Sunday, May 9, 2010

{ Mother's Day Arrangements :: Part II }

Somehow amidst all the madness of a wedding, birthday and Mother's Day, I found time to make these sweet little somethings for the special women in my life. The first arrangement may not look like much, but just go with me on this one. These delicate and highly fragrant bells are known as Lily of the Valley. While normally wildly expensive, I found them on Friday selling at the flower mart for a mere fraction of the cost and just HAD to have some. Don't they look so angelic arranged in this antique blue bottle?

Aside from this flower's beauty and incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE smell, I love the meanings associated with this bloom. According to Christian legend, Lily of the Valley came into being from Eve's tears after she was driven with Adam from the Garden of Eden. It is also considered to be the sign of Christ's second coming and is believed to exude the power of men to envision a better world. How can you not LOVE this flower. Precisely the reason I gifted them to my beautiful Mother!

This second arrangement was designed for my dear Grandma Janice. With a few hydrangea I built up the base and added some sweet-smelling peonies, a couple roses from our garden, and garnished it with a few viburnum and astilbe. A beautiful arrangement that's perfect for a beautiful grandmother!


Kate Carney said...

Both of these arrangements are just beautiful. The lily of the valley remind me of my sister. Lily of the valley was her favorite flower and trying to find any in June in Chicago for her wedding bouquet was not easy.

You create the most amazing flower arrangements. Each one is different and clearly arranged just for the recipient. How lovely.

meredith conroy said...

lily of the valley is my favorite flower; ever since i was a lil baby's bum in idaho. LOVE what youve done with it. so simple, yet totally bodacious :) xo

Kim said...

Thanks for the beautiful flowers Aubrey! You're amazing!