Friday, November 30, 2007


The newlywed's Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

I've never seen Lauren and Steve so happy.

They could not stop smiling at each other. It was the cutest!

Blushing Bridesmaids!

Allie and Lauren

Jessica, Allie, Tristen, and me

Today Lauren and Stephen tied the knot on my lunch break in the Newport Beach Temple! My boss thinks we Mormon's are totally crazy for getting married on random days of the week and right in the middle of the day. I heard some of my colleagues say "It must be cheaper to rent the temple on a weekday." Haha! Don't worry, I quickly corrected them. They couldn't believe we get to go in the temple for free. But regardless, they still thought it was weird that two of my friends now have gotten married during my lunch hour. Hey, I think its cool!

Despite the monsoonal rain storm going on outside, the sealing was so beautiful. It was performed my President Oveson, the Newport Beach Temple President. Pretty cool! When he was sealing them, I was shocked because Lauren actually cried. Lauren NEVER cries! She tells people she doesn't know how. (Kinda like Cameron Diaz's character on "The Holiday"). She had us all in tears. She must really be in love!!!

Lauren looked so amazing! Like a 1920's barbie doll. She's so stinkin cute. And of course Steve looked like her Ken doll. And they were such good sports with all the rain pouring down. I just love these two!

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