Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{ Valentine's Day 2011 }

Two days later and I'm still reminiscing about the most wonderful Valentine's Day spent with my love! Believe it or not, it was actually my very first time having a Valentine. Usually my Dad feels bad for me and gets me a bouquet of flowers or something sweet, but this year I had Matt to do that for me. And wow did he get me the most beautiful flowers. Tulips - my favorite!!!

Matt had them delivered to my work which made it even more special. When the delivery guy came through the door he handed them to me and said "These are for Aubrey." To which my reply was "That's me!" With a smile he retorted, "I know." Haha! I melted. I was so excited these gorgeous tulips were for me! I'm such a lucky, lucky girl.

The rest of my Valentine's was wonderful. We enjoyed a 3-course meal at The Savannah Chop House where we enjoyed the most delicious filet-mignon and king crab legs followed by the most sweet and savory desserts! Then we topped off the night with a romantic dip in the hot tub where we were able to use part of my gift for Matt, some new beach towels!

All in all it was almost a perfect night....that is until his car broke down on his way back to Glendora. Oh BUMMER!!! Luckily we didn't let it ruin our wonderful night and just enjoyed the fact that we got to spend a little extra time together on our almost perfect Valentine's Day.


McMemories said...

How cute are you two!! So happy for you:)

Jessica Reeves said...

What a great Valentine's Day!! You guys are the cutest ever!

Kim said...

Isn't love the best thing ever? I've been waiting a long time to hear stories like this one! So happy for you and Matt!

Bracken and Bracken said...

So glad that your valentine was SO worth the wait :)