Saturday, January 8, 2011

{ 2010 :: A Year In Review }

Well it's a good thing one of my New Year's Resolutions wasn't to be a better blogger. Here we are almost 2 weeks into the new year and I'm blogging for the first time since Christmas. (Planning a wedding is a lot more work than I thought!) But alas, I found a few minutes to sit down and properly say goodbye to 2010. What an incredible year!

JANUARY: The year was off to a great start with my first magazine feature (not to mention it was my first wedding too!) And not just any magazine, but THE wedding magazine. Real Simple is one of the only wedding magazines to stay on the stands for twelve consecutive months. It was definitely excited to see my first "real wedding" on the newsstands all year long.

The rest of the month was just as exciting and filled with the wedding of Erin Hawley, one of my besties, a trip to Arizona to see my favorite nephew in the whole-wide world, and then a visit from said nephew to CA for a special trip to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth...when your nephew is there!

FEBRUARY: Nothing too exciting happened in the month of February. I didn't receive any flowers for Valentine's Day, but that's ok because I had the pleasure of designing everyone else's at Bliss Fine Floral, my favorite flower shop on Balboa Island.

MARCH: March started out with a few fabulous weddings. One for my dear friend Megan Shirey Ord, and the other for Jenny Jones Romero. Both were so much fun to be apart of and the flowers turned out spectacular! By the end of the month it was time to celebrate my birthday. Instead of some huge party though I opted for a small gathering of some of my closest friends at one of my favorite places in Long Beach, Le Creperie.

APRIL: In April it was back to traveling again. I had missed my little Dallen (what? it had been like 6 weeks...that's a long time, ok?) so I drove out to AZ for a little fun with my favorite friend! After Arizona I got back just in time to sneak out to Nevada with the Pierside ward for a Canoe Trip down the Colorado River. Such a fun trip!

MAY: With all the traveling I did in April I decided I needed to ground myself in May (mostly so I could save my money for my big trip to Canada and Kauai in June). Being home in HB was still a lot of fun though. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo, I designed flowers for a few more local weddings, and went to the delicious C&O in Marina Del Rey for my roommate Kiele's birthday, where everything reeks of Amore!!!!

JUNE: June was a CRAZY month! I look back and still don't know how I fit so much in just 30 days. Things started off with my big trip to Washington and Canada. I'd never been anywhere in the Northwest and since my friend Karen was living there at the time, I figured what better time to go visit and see what there is to see than when you've got your own personal tour guide. In just 3 short days we were able to visit Seattle, Vancouver, and Whistler! I feel like I saw it all!!!

As soon I got home I quickly unpacked all my scarves and boots and replaced them with swimsuits and sandals so the roommates and I could celebrate Amy's 30th birthday in Kauai. What a magnificent adventure that was! After Kauai there was still time for one more quick getaway to see the nef, so off to Arizona I went. You can never have too much baby time! Unfortunately all that vacationing had to come to an end so I made my way back home, and just in time for my little brother's High School graduation. So proud of that kid!

JULY: I feel like July was just as crazy as June. We started the month out with the most patriotic thing I can think Angel's Baseball game, followed by the best 4th of July Celebration ever! My AZ besties came into town along with my sister and her family, which made it the most incredible weekend of adventure EVER! I seriously loved everything sleepless minute of it!

After Independence Day came and went there was still so much more to do. The family all came together for a celebration of my mom's graduation from IDI with her Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design. It's really never too late to live out your dreams! After her graduation I went back in time and relived my graduation, from High School that is. It was my 10-year Reunion. Not the most memorable night of my life, but fun no-less.

Of course I found some time at the end of the month to do a few more wedding flowers and then a quick trip down to AZ to see my little D and of course to hang out with my AZ besties. I just love those girls!

AUGUST: What an amazing month! (I know, I've said that about every month, but seriously it was!!!) I joined my little brother and his buddies on their annual Laughlin trip to get in some wakeboarding and relaxation on the boat. It was probably one of the best Laughlin trips yet! After all the fun it was back to work on wedding flowers. I had the pleasure of designing the bouquets and centerpieces for one of my dear childhood friends, Erin Roche and I think they turned out so beautiful. I love summer flowers!

The rest of August was a whirlwind for me. It was the birth of an exciting idea and the beginning of an incredible journey called The Mormon Bachelorette. Little did I know that one simple little idea to go on 31 dates in 31 days would change my life forever! With tons of planning taking place and applications flooding in, the "staffers" and I took off for one last girls trip to see our AZ besties. Loved every minute of that 24-hr escapade!

SEPTEMBER: Looking back on September, I realize it was probably one of the most FUN months of my life. Somehow amidst all the TMB chaos I snuck off to Hawaii's North Shore for one last family vacation with everybody to send our little Scotty off to college at BYU-H. It was 7 days of nothing but warm sunshine, sandy beaches, friendly sea turtles, and chocolate haupia pies. The North Shore really is heaven on earth!

After our vacation I had a MAJOR reality check. Within 24 hours I had become the Mormon Bachelorette and started on the most exhausting and rewarding journey OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! (Totaly worth every sleepless night!)

OCTOBER: Thanks goodness September ended and October came quickly. It's no secret that I was completely exhausted and ready for the dates to be over, but to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing! I ended up with the most incredible man and I'm so madly in love with Matt that I know it was all worth it!

So...with The Mormon Bachelorette successfully completed, it was time to start focusing on other things my job! I had so much fun designing these gorgeous succulent arrangements for a beautiful bride and love having them in my portfolio.

Speaking of portfolio, if I ever go into photography, this one of my roommate Kiele dressed up as Justin Bieber for Halloween will most certainly make it in there. How hilarious is she? We were on our way home from a neighborhood costume party and I insisted that she make use of the gorgeous loner car I had for the weekend. So glad we did. Love this picture!

NOVEMBER: As I think back on the happenings of November, I can't help but smile. Everything about it was perfect! I fell in love with the most incredible man I've ever known, I celebrated his 30th birthday with him at a Clipper's game, and we spent Thanksgiving celebrating all that's good in our lives with friends, family, and each other. November was perfection!

DECEMBER: I honestly don't know how I'll ever top December 2010. Come to think of it, I probably never will. As I think about all the wonderful memories I have of this blessed month I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the good things in my life. I made memories with my roommates as we caroled to our wonderful neighbors in Beachwalk, I got engaged to the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, we spent Christmas at the Laidlaws and Messicks and then rang in the New Year with all of our best friends while sailing the Newport Harbor. I mean seriously, can life get any better?

I am truly so grateful for all of the wonderful memories I made in 2010 and can't wait to make many, many more in 2011. Cheers to another INCREDIBLE year!!!


Jessica Reeves said...

Ok, I'm tired just reading all the stuff you did in 2010!! Sounds like such a fun year and I'm so glad that it ended perfectly! I can't wait for the wedding!!!

Bracken and Bracken said...

Such a great year!! Amazing in fact :)

Kim said...

You live a blessed life! So lucky! And yes, 2010 was a great year!!!

huggin said...

I love love loved your year in review. I feel totally caught up in your life and I am super looking forward to what your amazing married like has to hold!